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Get Organized and Change Your Life!

Some think that being organized is difficult, boring and unproductive; however, being organized can change your life! Not knowing where certain documents are, where your good clothes are located or not knowing where your bills are; can make life stressful and filled with anxiety. However…

The Iceberg Effect

It’s common knowledge that on average, nine tenths of a typical iceberg is beneath the surface while only one tenth can be seen above the water. Many ships during the centuries that were unaware of the sheer size and force of a large iceberg paid a dear price for their lack of knowledge, arrogance or sheer ignorance.

How to Use Motivation Effectively

Motivation is a tool we often rely on even thought it so frequently is low. I think using motivation combined with bits of self-discipline and habit momentum can help you get where you need to go.

What Should Scare You In 2014?

The human race is masterful in so many ways, but one of our greatest strengths is to have the ability to improve our own lives. It doesn’t matter where we were brought up, how much money or wealth we were born into, we all have the ability to drastically change our lives for the better. Motivation, and determination are the crucial deciding factors to making a better life for yourself. However, the crux of the key to a successful life is having the energy and drive to make a difference, to make change. If you have poor hygiene you’ll most likely be void of ‘get up and go’ juice. So in 2014, improve your hygiene and see a lift in your energy levels, which will give you the opportunity to make a series of small changes in your life on your road to a better life.

10 Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Motivation

Getting to know the intricacies of your own motivation can have an enduring effect on various aspects of your life. Read on to know how you can turbo-charge your motivation.

What Drives You To Work?

If you were asked the simple question: “Why do you work?” what will your answer be? How quick will you be able to answer it? As far as what I have heard from others, the most common and logical reason is: “I need to make some money”.

Self Deception And Failure

We reap what we sow, and the content of our heart will materialize into what we reap. If our heart is at peace, and filled with Love, kindness, humility, compassion, gratefulness, then the grace of God will light our path, and more of that peace will always lead our way.

The “Secret” of Shaktis Cosmic Toolbox!

The secret behind Shakti’s Cosmic Toolbox came to Sandy through a spirit named Shakti. During a meditation she received the name Shakti. When Sandy thinks of this name she becomes inspired to write. She feels a positive energy of spirit coming from within and a push to create evolves.

Are You Giving Up on a Web Business Before You Begin?

The motivation to gain new online business might last only until you actually win a client. After that you might not be so motivated, new research implies.

Are You Surviving, Existing or Thriving

Simple question? Far from it if you are willing to look deep inside your life philosophy, agendas, goals, expectations and lifestyle. Having survived four recessions during my career I know what it means to survive, but from time to time we need to ask ourselves – is this all there is or can I, should I expect more no matter what is going on around us?

Struggling to Find Purpose, Reason and Meaning In Life’s Difficulties

As we struggle to overcome a life filled with so much pain, trauma, anger, cruelty, we want to find a reason why this happened to us. You want to know why did this happen to you. Some things are just hard to explain other than the fact that whatever happened happened.

What Happened to Your Dreams

A long time ago, when you were full of vigor, you had a lot of dreams. You dreamt of big and grandiose things, of being rich and famous, of going places, of having your name as well-known as your favorite pretzels; of conquering the world. When we become adults, our dreams give way to new priorities, new responsibilities, different set of problems and concerns, of starting a family and many more. We get out from the comfortable life-support from parents and begin to live our own lives, earn our own keep and lay down the blueprint for the future.

Share Your Story With The World, It Just Might Save A Life – YOURS!

The hardships, obstacles, challenges and tests that you go thru in life can help you to become stronger in yourself so that you can develop the internal strength and power to share your story with the world. You will also foster deeper healing within yourself when you share your story. The more you talk about your story, the more cathartic it is for you, the more healing it brings you. So while you are helping to heal others you are also healing yourself more and more. You are now becoming more powerful within yourself. Don’t feel ashamed of what you went thru.

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