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Whatever Life Throws At You, Tell Yourself, Yes, I Can Handle This!

It can be hard to embrace problems and challenges and you should not force yourself to do so. Allow those situations to push out of you whatever emotions that need to come out of you. Always remember, that no matter what problems come your way, it will soon pass. It can and will be overwhelming at times. When you feel overwhelmed, keep telling yourself, “I can handle this”.

If There’s a Will There’s A Way

History reveals there has been a number of people who overcame insurmountable obstacles and setbacks to succeed. You might even be surprised to discover that many successful entrepreneurs are diagnosed with the developmental reading disorder dyslexia including well-known Virgin founder Richard Branson.

How To Make an Exercise and Training Program Work

There is a high tendency for most people to get bored and give up on their fitness, exercise and training program. To prevent this from happening, avoid lack of motivation for exercise and make exercise a habit, follow this tips to make it more exciting and rewarding.

Great Association Helps A State of Sanitation

For the last few years of my life, I’ve had such a hard time with this subject. Recently I’ve taken the time to fully understand and respect The Power of Association. I’ve always thought to surround myself with good people and things will turn out for the best, I was wrong. What I’ve found is, If I surround myself with good people, things will turn out “Good”. I need to make it clear that I am no expert on any topics I talk about, I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned. My core values and my goals in life have grown because of my association.

5 Things to Know About the Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist living means freeing yourself of all the things you neither use nor need, be they material or not. However, it doesn’t mean removing everything enjoyable from your life. On the contrary, the minimalist lifestyle brings more joy into life, because it makes more room for it.

The Right Time to Follow Your Dreams Is Now!

What is it, really, that is keeping you from following your dreams? Are you waiting for the right time? Here is news for you.

Trigger Success

Each of us have successes, hopes, and dreams and each of us has adversity whether small or big. Being on the platform in front of very successful people, successful people, and those who have adversity, I’m amazed at the human spirit. People have dreams, resiliency, and are filled with hope and success. Yet, a person can also cave in. Our own thoughts and the motivational words of others invigorate us to make progress whether small or big. Thoughts and words really have a huge impact! You may be on the verge of success or failure.

Do Not Go About Your Life Alone

Reading about the struggles of others can help you to put your life in perspective. That does not mean that you should think that your life is of less importance or what you went through is not as bad as what someone else went through. Instead, when you read of the struggles of others, use their experience to help you to heal your pain. You will see that whatever you are going through, you are not alone. That will tell you that nothing is wrong with you, you are not being punished for some awful past life and it will reaffirm to you that you are human and everything will be ok in due time.

If You Want To Lead You Have To Master Self-Leadership

I am amazed at how many people in positions of leadership can’t even lead themselves effectively, consistently or with integrity. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your local church, school, the government or a small or large business. In the end if you want to lead others regardless of your position, roles or responsibilities it is necessary that you are effective at self-leadership.

How to Be a Successful National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Member: How to Overcome the Challenges

You don’t need money to succeed, all you need is you. You are all you need to succeed in business and in other facets of life. Nothing can stop you from succeeding except you. All the resources you need to pursue and actualize your goals and aspirations is in you. I love that Peak milk’s slogan that says: “it’s in you.” All you need to do now is to develop the skills, talents, ideas and abilities you have. A business cannot worth more than the owners.

Three Strategies For Keeping Motivation High

We all have those low motivation days. Here are three strategies that you can use to keep your productivity up!

How Can I Do It All?

How can we do it all? But there are three things we can do now to stop being overwhelmed with wanting to do it all.

Are You Swimming Upstream?

More than once in my life I have been accused of swimming upstream. Let me ask you, ever been accused of the same behavior? Consider that maybe everyone else is swimming in the wrong direction and you are the only one with the courage to go against the grain.

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