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The Importance of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers can be quite useful for motivating members of your organization. Every organization, whether it’s a corporate house, an NGO or an educational institution, requires professionals who could bring a new life in the members of their organization.

Hurt Pays Sometimes

There was a day I went to the gym, I ran on the treadmill longer than I usually do, and I was the only girl present at the gym that day. After running, I almost had asphyxia. And I asked myself, was it worth it? What made me put myself through all these stress?

How to Form Successful Habits

You’ve decided to create a new habit to curtail your recent indulgence for over-eating. Your children have even made a passing remark, noticing your ‘winter weight,’ which has slowly crept up on you in recent times. The cafe lattes you sneak in throughout the day have become an unnecessary luxury. You’ve conceded defeat – it’s time to trade in the coffee card for the gym membership.

Understanding and Defying Is the Right Way to Tame a Failure

Even the greatest men in history have had their own failures. They were undaunted and continued their journey towards success, properly analyzing themselves and their failures. Giving up after a failure is in no way the answer. Failing the failure is the way of valiant men.

Do Whatever You Got to Do to Stay Positive

In this short article, I’m talk about why sometimes you have to do whatever it is you got to do to stay positive. There is a lot of negativity in the world so how do you stay the course? Learn about a few things I do in this short article.

3 Easy Ways to Get Out of a Funk

We have all got knocked down in life. Sometimes we get hit pretty hard and other times we can brush it off easily and keep moving. In this short article, I discuss three easy ways I get out of funks.

Is Losing Or Loss Better Than Winning Or Gain

Everyone wants to win and yet we all define winning differently. But the question is – do you gain more when you win or you lose regardless of how you define each of them. So, let’s start with a brief official definition of both followed by my definition;

ABC of Personal Motivation for Goal Attainment

Personal Motivation is a must if you hope to achieve your goals. In this article, I shall examine the letters A to K to determine the linkage to personal motivation for goal attainment.

How To Motivate Young People

To motivate young people to have positive outlook and become people you could be proud of in future, is a task that must be done since they are future leaders. In this article, we shall give strategies for motivating them especially when due to the age divide, they are usually diametrically opposed to your suggestions either as a teacher, parent or an interested party. Let’s see how below.

A Stupid Mistake

A true incident that taught me the reality of life. Prejudice can lead to misconceptions..

Moving Toward Positive Change “Who Are You?”

If you want to rise to a higher plain – move forward in your life and career to reach your desired destiny -it is important you first must know the Who. You – and most of us – are thinking about, or actively looking for and seeking, an opportunity to make a big change in our lives. Something that connects with you, or something that will help you to become the person you want to be and/or the career opportunity to move your life in a more positive – or, better yet – successful life.

Finding Your Niche (Part Seven of Nine)

As I continue to build on the process of finding your niche, I have reached the aspects that become more introspective. The last three aspects of finding your niche look at the external, the internal, and the spirit or soul of who you are. I have covered your spiritual gifting, natural talent, the three pronged process you use to gather information and turn it into useful knowledge and eventually wisdom.

Why Motivation Is Energy

I was recently asked by a good friend of mine what happens to our thought process when motivation is defined as energy? And why does ‘energy’ fit as a definitive definition motivation? Two tricky questions I am sure you will agree! Before addressing the issue of what happens to our thought process, let’s first be clearer about why defining motivation is useful. According to Chamber’s Dictionary motivation is defined as a “motivating force, incentive”; according to the Oxford English dictionary motivation is: “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way or a desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm”. Clearly, the word I like in these definitions is the word ‘enthusiasm’. Although I fully accept that motivation is all about reason or reasons – incentives if you will – for doing something, the word ‘reason’ has connotations of logic, order and rationality which is precisely what I want to avoid when considering motivation!

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