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Art of Motivating Yourself As Fitness Trainers Do!

Fitness trainers are well-known for motivating and encouraging their clients to go that extra mile. Many fitness trainers use their motivational powers and skills to make sure that their clients are working hard enough to achieve their goals and never once they are lagging behind on the program.

Stuck in a Rut? Tap Into the Source of Your Motivation!

Find the source of your motivation and you can solve these challenges! Everyone has their own particular set motivators, so tap into yours and complete the projects you want with joy and ease!

The Idol Of Control

Need more control of your life? The future? Good luck with that. Yes, there are many aspects of our life and future we can control – I challenge you make a list!

When Was The Last Time You Waited?

When was the last time you (I could ask hundreds of questions here but I’ll stick to a few); -Thanked God for all of your many blessings? -Told someone special how special they were? -Read a good book to improve your life? -Re-connected with someone in your past? -Did an act of kindness for a stranger? -Forgave someone for some behavior or action? -Laughed, had fun and just enjoyed another day? -Let go of something in your life that needed an ending? -Set a goal and worked toward it till you succeeded?

Winter Motivation In Your Riding

How is your riding going? I trust super well, and you are loving where you are at! I am just back from a wonderful weekend at the snow with my extended family and Ebony Park Team – so loving the winter weather and the play in the snow. I know for some people the winter can be a time where you can lose motivation, so I wanted to share some of my favourite Jim Rohn quotes to inspire you this month! Also just a reminder there is less than a month until Spring is here and 2 months until daylight savings starts again!

How Much Is Enough?

Want something you don’t have? Got more stuff than you need? Addicted to better, faster and more? Welcome to where society and human behavior have evolved during the past few decades. But let me ask you a simple question – is having or wanting more making you feel better, more successful, content, and peaceful or is it adding to your stress, anxiety, busyness, regret or false sense of security?

See That Your Mind Is Kept At Home

Wondering what is beyond death seems interesting at times. But while we have the here and now, we must grow through those realities, problems and solutions.

Good News Or Bad News – And The Difference Is?

Ever had someone give you bad news? How about good news? What’s the difference or is there a difference? Good news – stuff or information that makes us happy, content, reassured, secure and validated. Bad news – The opposite. So, it would appear that there is a difference between good and bad news – read on. Have you ever gotten bad news but in the end things turned out well or better than you anticipated? Have you ever received good news and over time what you thought was good news ended up being not so good?

Success Is Not Magic

People who tried and failed several times must understand the concept of true success. The fact is that most good ventures did not succeed at the first attempt.. Many have concluded that it’s impossible to make it without using a diabolical power. When they see someone who made it big, they assume that one had used a magical or evil power, but the truth is that most successful people failed many times like you before they made it eventually, but the only difference is that they never gave up.

The Greater Power In You

You have far greater potential than you are presently operating. No matter how much power you are presently using to make things work for you, the fact is you have more power on the inside of you that you have not discovered even until now. God has put on the inside of you the power to make anything happen, unfortunately, you can use this power to create or to destroy, to build or to cast down, to establish or demolish and to raze hell or raise hell.

The Purpose Of Purpose

You would be amazed at how many people live each day without any sense of purpose or meaning – they just go from day to day, same stuff different day – same routines, same outcomes and same activities. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with routine, but the question is – are your routines leading you to greater happiness, success, contentment and results?

Looking Back – Would You Have Done Things Differently?

If you could go back in time – kind of like the plot in “Back to the Future” what would you change knowing what you know now or having full awareness of what you have learned and experienced during the years up to this point? Made some mistakes you would like to correct? Had some failures you would have liked to avoid?

Resistance Is A Major Contributor To A Lack Of Success And Happiness

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase – what you resist persists. Exactly what does this mean and how does it impact the quality of our future and life in general? Resistance – something that is a source of opposition to the flow of energy.

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