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Minimize Procrastination: A Simple, Effective Strategy to Improve Your Focus and Productivity

Here’s a powerful strategy to improve focus and results! What are you doing sparingly, that would serve you better if applied generously in your business? What are you doing generously, that would serve you better to apply sparingly?

Switch Off Your Busy Minds Moms – Car Tip

Being a mom is hard work, you have to be all things to everyone. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in all that is going on and forget to take of yourself. Some changes done consistently will help you to switch off your mind, even for a short while, to prevent you from losing your mind altogether! It’s fun and does not require any effort at all – what could be better than that.

Dreaming Big!

Are your dreams still in a drawer? When I worked with The Pacific Institute and facilitated workshops around the country, I remember speaking with so many baby boomers who told me that their dreams had been put in a drawer many years ago. They had been focused on their marriage, their children, their jobs – and the dreams just had to wait.

How to Stay at the Top of Your Game

Most people have dreams and aspirations which they hope to accomplish within their lifetime. Keeping the motivation to actually fulfil them is another matter entirely. The initial motivation you feel when you first set out to achieve something often wavers and it becomes more difficult to motivate yourself. There are however methods you can use to retain focus and stop yourself from taking your eye of the ball.

How to Stay Motivated When Your Boss Is a “Fun Sucker”: 5 MUST Have Tools

Would you rather put hot forks on your eyeballs instead of getting up and going to work on Monday? Well it sounds like you may have a bad case of the “Fun Sucker Boss” syndrome.

Change Is Tough, Embrace It

We are shown an image of success that implies it is fun, easy, and instant. Unfortunately, the reality is that making changes in life is actually really hard.

They Hated Discipline

This is the first part of these articles. I feel it’s so important that I divided it in a few parts so that others can grasp what I am saying here. But this is only the beginning, the consequences of not being disciplined.

I Am Under Here Somewhere

Is your daily life so busy that you find yourself wondering where “Who am I? Where am I? Will this list of chores, responsibilities or expectations every get shorter?” If this sounds all to familiar keep reading. This is just for you.

What Faith Can Do

“Strong belief can raise your level of play.” This quote by Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer can be applied to you and your personal life, as well.

How Would You Define Significance?

There has been a lot written lately about significance – numerous articles and no fewer than a hundred books – some of them valuable, a lot of it misguided and very little that gets it right so I thought I would throw my two cents into the fray. For the record, Webster says – significance is – the quality of having importance or being regarded as having great meaning. For what it’s worth in my opinion, this doesn’t come close.

Got a Gut Feeling? Your Gut Might Cause ALL Your Feelings!

If you’re feeling down, anxious, depressed, or just want a big old boost of happiness-inducing serotonin, it turns out your gut most likely has a huge influence over it all.. Do you ever get a gut feeling about something? I was fascinated to learn that our gut and the health of our gut plays a huge role in how we feel.

Do What Is Needed And More

Winning starts with beginning, sure. But the best winning happens with doing what is needed and more.

Yes or No – This Is Life’s Dilemma

Ever said no and later wished you had said Yes? How about the reverse – said yes and later wished you had said no? Come on – we all do both frequently and some of us more often that we should and why? Lots of reasons but first what are the consequences of either option

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