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Becoming by Being

Early in my thinking about the idea of becoming by being I ran across Nathaniel Hawthorn’s classic story, The Great Stone Face. As I read the story, a childlike fancy came to me, a vision of one becoming, imperceptibly yet irrepressibly. The story is a simple one cast in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Think Outside The Box – What A Stupid Approach!

If I hear one more person say “We need to think outside the box.” I am going to throw up. This is not the answer to your challenges or problems – it’s a myth. Let me explain. I am sure you have – said it, heard it or at some point tried to figure out exactly what does this mean. What does it mean – try something new, try seeming different, stop doing things the same ways – etc etc.

Puzzled Over Persistence

Have you ever equated your life to a jigsaw puzzle? If not, consider how a jigsaw puzzle is formed, how much time it take to complete, and the lessons we can learn from the process.

A Totally Different Way To Do Life

THE BREACH. Jesus has come to show us how to live, but first we must die. We cannot live until we have died. Now, before you stop reading, consider this: Why is it that life doesn’t work for us? When will life and its circumstances come to be at peace with our expectations for it? What are we to do with a life that seems to want to betray us? And even if we could grasp a better way to live, just how do we do it?

Are You Caught Between Right and Wrong?

At a certain age, we all reach the point where we stop to think about what’s right and what’s wrong. Recently it started occurring more often upon reaching this phase of self- exploration and thinking “we know it all” but get hit in the face with a shovel called “reality”. After questioning everything around me (even my own existence), I stop to think “am I where I’m Supposed to be, or is it where I Want to be”?!

What’s Missing In Your Life?

OK, so you have it all; a great career or business, all the financial resources you need to handle your expenses and desires, excellent health, great relationships and happiness, inner peace and contentment – come on – no one has everything. So, what’s missing in your life or to put this another way, what would like more of, less of or better in order to feel you have it all? OK if I haven’t lost you yet – if you can sit there and say nothing is missing in your life to feel totally; safe, content, satisfied and in control of every aspect of your life – in my opinion, no disrespect to anyone, you are living in Fantasyland, La La Land or have some serious denial issues.

Making Most of No Time At All

We had 179 hours with our stillborn son’s body, yet it wasn’t enough. It never could be. But there is also the fact that what we did in those precious few hours we had with him we may only have repeated again and again because he was lifeless.

Tired of Being Bored? Get to Know Yourself And Learn How to Have Fun Again

Are you ready to learn how to have fun again? Are you so bored with your life that you wonder if you’ll ever be happy and excited to get up in the morning? If being bored has become a way of life are you, it’s time to start doing something new. If you don’t even know what you like to do, take some time to get to know yourself again. Sometimes when life becomes predictable you forget what you used to do that you enjoyed. It then becomes necessary to get to know yourself and what makes you happy. Are you ready to learn how to get out of the rut and have fun again? You need to take some time figuring out what you enjoy.

Stress Is An Employee And Life Performance Killer

Let’s wrap it up. Stress kills people but on the way to their deathbed as employees they fail to bring imagination, creativity, motivation, hard work and overall effectiveness and positive common sense solutions to their position or roles or responsibilities whether they are the CEO or the Janitor.

What Name Is on Your License?

Your name indicates who you are. How are you using it?

Self Confidence – Is It a Myth?

This week I have had many interactions on email and in conversation with people citing confidence as being their biggest struggle in growing their business. They have either stated: “I have a lack of confidence” “I want to feel more confident” “I just don’t have the confidence I need to..

The Road Less Travelled – The Road to Success

I believe for many people the road to success is a road less travelled or so they think. These people believe that their lives don’t contain “success” with a capital ‘S’ let alone a small ‘s’. It is my belief that life is full of many successes, small though most of them may be. Our author examines ways in which the average person can understand that you don’t have to be a high achiever to be a successful person. He talks about how each of us should do a success audit each to show how much each of us has really achieved without realising it.

Doing the Right Thing Sometimes Requires Extra Help

Recent research has revealed that pregnant women are more likely to stop smoking when offered an incentive, in this case shopping vouchers. Are there better ways to motivate people to take care of themselves? What needs to happen for us to do the right thing and stop those bad habits?

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