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What Is Your Space Time Continuum?

Create a vast vision, which stretches you. Until you do, you will just coast through life, never really challenging yourself. So in order to expand your space and what you believe is possible for you.

The Autumn Shift

In nature, Autumn is often a time to hibernate and for us humans, it can feel like a time to rest, to recuperate and take stock of life. However, autumn can be a motivational time to start laying foundations for your future.

Struggle Is All Inside

Struggling with anything today? A career, a relationship or just one of life’s many routine issues or challenges? If you’re not I would be surprised as life always has challenges due to our human nature, change that we can’t control or our needs for approval, acceptance or to be in control. Struggle – to make a great physical effort to achieve or obtain something – to deal with a challenge, problem, or difficulty of some kind.

Life’s Ten Vital Ingredients

Do you want to be happy? Content? Have inner peace? Feel joy every day? Well, after reading over 100 spiritual books during the past two years including the Bible (cover to cover) here is what I came up with. I did not put them in any special order as they are all important if you want to spend your remaining years (regardless of your age) on earth with a sense of meaning and value. You can agree or disagree with the list; I am only sharing what I have learned from my study and research.

A Writer Writes

If a writer should stop writing, who do we read from in order to form our opinions? This article is for all writers, regardless of your genre.

When Future’s Better Than The Past

GOD WANTS US to focus on a hope for a bright future; a future brighter than our past has been, as has been revealed through our history. We all have dreams that have been broken. But there is something better not far off. There is nothing to lose in hoping for something better, yet there is plenty to gain via a respectfully hopeful expectant faith in a personal future we can believe in. We can believe in it and we lose nothing of significance in believing with all our hearts.

How to Bring More Energy to Your Work This Fall

Summer is a great time to slow down, relax, and dream up new ideas for your business. But all good things must come to an end. As we wind up our vacations and head toward Labor Day, many of my clients are asking: How do I keep that calm, thoughtful energy alive when I get back to work?

Who Is Responsible for Your Financial Security?

I attended the National Achievers Congress a few weeks ago in Johannesburg. The agenda was packed with great speakers, who all had incredible advice on how to invite long term sustainable financial success into your experience. Yes of course generating more income and creating financial wealth, is not the only measure of success, but what financial wealth does bring, is freedom.

Keep Yourself Motivated, Your Dreams Demand It

Most people never achieve their dreams by simply losing motivation to keep pushing forward. Get yourself motivated and get moving. Your dreams are dependent on it!

Attraction Rather Than Promotion – A Walk at Victoria Falls

“Be as the wildflower… blossoming and exuding perfumed scent… resting in certainty that your attraction will suffice for all who seek and need that which you provide.” In the recovering world, this would be called the principle of attraction rather than promotion. While it is a wise notion, it runs at cross-purposes to conventional marketing wisdom that insists that promotion is a necessary approach.

I Think I’m Too Old For This!

How old you do really are-in terms of emotional freedom and dreams and aspirations? If you think that life ends when the mid-life crisis hits you, or even 20 years later, think again. The best of you is yet to emerge!

Are You Highly Motivated?

It is a struggle to stay motivated in today’s world. However, with these incredible tips you will be well on your way to becoming and staying motivated. It just takes a little bit of extra effort before staying motivated becomes second nature to you. Becoming a better you through smart goal setting means that you can gain more and get more out of life.

Corporate Motivational Speakers: A Savior, Friend and Guide

The twenty-first century is often regarded as the age of supreme power and growth. But growth, whether personal or professional, cannot just come in for free. People have to toil day and night to achieve success and power.

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