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How To Become A Youth Motivational Speaker

Becoming a youth motivational speaker is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have that passion and commitment, then only you’ll be able to encourage and inspire others to achieve success in their personal life and professional life.

Understanding Redemption: What, Why and How

Redemption is a powerful theme. Finding ways to experience redemption, reconciliation, atonement and forgiveness can add meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

All About Motivation and How It Works

Motivation is an important ingredient in any body’s life which helps them move forward with great passion and determination to reach their goal. Motivation helps a person to be stronger and it booms one’s confidence and encourages individuals to work maximum to their capability.

The First Day

The first day was fantastic! The first day was absolutely the best!

Why Is Self Motivation Important?

More often, encouragement comes from other people. When someone feels down, he seeks a motivating presence among friends or relatives. However, truth is that they are not always going to be there.

You Can Win Any Race

I am sure you that you all remember the story of the tortoise and the hare, from when you were at kinder garden. The tortoise symbolises the benefit of consistent and focused effort carried out at a steady pace over time and how this will always be more effective than the fast paced, erratic and unfocused effort put forward by the hare. I agree whole heartedly with the fact that consistency and daily focused effort will win the day every time.

Beneficial Life

What is beneficial living? There are certain things we can do to help ensure our lives are beneficial to ourselves and mankind. I plan to try to address a few things that I feel can accomplish this goal. Many times in life what seem beneficial to our lives is really just superficial.

Self-Direction Is an Inside Job

Do you believe that being ambitious is wrong or do you believe that ambition or your deep rooted desire to be the best possible version of yourself, is your obligation and even your duty? I believe that operating at anything less than your best, is not only going to frustrate you, but is wasteful and robs you of the fulfillment and meaning you so richly deserve. It is time to see that you are magnificent and capable of far more than you believe possible.

Spring Is in the Air! New Beginnings!

Spring is on the way! Take this time of year to look ahead to your future, plan and visualise how you would like your life to change and start to take the first steps to put your ambitions into place.

Be Worth It

If you want a higher pay, you must be more valuable to the marketplace. If you want a greater attraction from your spouse, you must increase in value to him or her. Whatever you want out of life you can have, as long as you increase your value enough to attract it. Just because you’re valuable somewhere, doesn’t mean you’re valuable everywhere.

Deserving More

You deserve whatever you put yourself in a position to deserve. We are all afforded grace to some level; however, there are some things you’re just going to have to do yourself. If you think you are deserving of being wealthy, put yourself in a position to receive wealth; it’s really that simple.

Live and Not Tolerate

Life is meant to be lived and not tolerated. We go through life tolerating ups and downs. We tolerate what people say to us, and we tolerate things that we feel like we just can never change, rather, this is not the essence of life nor is it the reason why we are alive. We were not born in this world just to tolerate whatever comes our way. Having high goals, we are meant to live out our lives to the fullest.

Think Independently

No matter how much advice, counsel or how much of someone else’s experience people share with you, at the end of the day, you will have to make decisions for yourself. What that means is you’re going to have to have your own information to make great decisions. Studying, analyzing, and brainstorming are all things that are necessary so that you may develop your opinions. All of your views cannot be based on the views of someone else.

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