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How to LIVE Your Passion

This article will show you how to find, develop and live your passion. Learn how to use your passion to achieve anything in life. If you are living your passion, nothing can stop you.

Don’t Let Your Failures Break You, Let Them Make You

Everyone experiences failures. The issue is how you respond when you do. Three suggestions for the proper response to failure.

The Negative Side of Selflessness

Many people sentence themselves with the service of others; to make them happy and pleased. I call it a sentence because it is a judgment that many people are unable to get out of. Sometimes we forget that we also have needs that aren’t yet met. It becomes a problem when you realize that it might be too late to actually go seek your own dreams instead of helping others obtain their own. However, many people start their search for that when they are really old. Even though it’s never too late, it becomes a lot more tiring and a lot less rewarding.

Believe and You Can and Will Achieve

Many university studies have shown that people who have achieved above average levels of meaning and fulfilment in their lives, all have two major things in common. They firstly have a crystal clear vision, which defines exactly what they want to achieve in the future and secondly they have an absolute belief in themselves and their ability to do whatever it takes to invite just that picture of possibility into their experience. I have written numerous articles about vision, today I want to focus on the second crucial element, namely your belief in self.

Do Not Blame Anyone, Persist Until You Make A Winner, Yourself

Winning is a developed habit, and so is losing. Winning seems harder than losing though because, you have to do a lot of temporary losing until you “break through” and make winning a habit, and a very good habit at that.

Creating Peace In Your Soul

Living your life from the inside-out you will always have peace in your Heart and in your Soul and your Mind will quiet down. You will have such a peaceful existence and when you have peace in yourself internally from deep within your Soul your life will attract so much more abundance.

How Good Are You at Predicting the Future?

The one thing, I believe sets, super achievers apart from average achievers, is their ability to very accurately predict the consequences of either doing something or not doing it. The more apt you are at exploring and discovering the consequences any task or activity, will have on your life in the future, the better equipped you are to carry out the right activities necessary to invite the success you want into your experience. In other words the potential consequences of any task or action are the key determinants around how important that specific activity is to you…

Get Motivated by Motivating Others

Motivation is one of the keys to success. If you are running low on motivation, joining a goal-based social network will give you that necessary push to get you going so you can achieve your goals.

All Things Are Possible For Those Who Believe!

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” – Gail Devers

4 Sabotaging Habits That Prevent You From Boosting Revenue

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it’s important to recognize how valuable your time is – and how you choose to spend it. Yes, the bookkeeping is important, and so is voice-mail and email, but those tasks are not directly responsible for generating revenue, and are better left to be managed by someone else.

Is Your Conversation With Yourself, Serving You?

Research shows that we are talking to ourselves every waking moment and even during some of the time, when we are sleeping. It shows that there is an on-going dialogue, which we hold with ourselves, about everything going on. I am sure that you are no different and that you are also conducting a running dialogue with yourself, every moment of every day.

3 Effective Self-Motivation Techniques For Greater Success

In this article you are going to discover three extremely effective self-motivation techniques that will have you working with more drive and dedication than you have ever experienced before. The best thing is that the skills you are about to learn can be applied immediately, and you will become instantly more self-motivated.

Tomorrow Is Yesterday Before You Know It

Yesterday – a distant memory. Tomorrow filled with promise, opportunity and whatever you choose to bring to it. Yes, we create each of our tomorrows and as a result all of our yesterdays regardless of whether they are filled with wonderful happy memories or grief, sorrow and any other negative emotion.

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