BILLIONAIRE Luxury Lifestyle 💲 2021 [Billionaire Entrepreneur Motivation] #67

Lackluster Motivation Got You Down? You Are Stuck

We have developed a new way to defeat that dreaded moment of inaction. Removing stigmas from words we’re too used to in order to reveal their true inspiration.

What Would You Do Differently? Using Regret As a Tool for Motivation

Let me ask you a question. If you had your time over again, what would you do with it? The ideal answer of course would be “nothing”. If you are one of the lucky ones that can say this, that’s fantastic news, and I envy you. You need not read any further. For the rest of us, there are little (or sometimes big) things we would change along the way.

Those Who Can, Produce – Those Who Can’t, Protect

Don’t waste precious moments of your life worrying if someone is “stealing” your ideas. If you continue to create and use your talent, no one will be able to keep up.

Gratitude Creates Energy

I am feeling as though it is time to chat about “gratitude” again, as often we get way to busy in our lives to remember this small but powerful concept. My personal world has been exceptionally busy the past while, so it has been important to use the time in my car wisely, rather than becoming stressed, agitated or grumpy. Or wastefully using that time to worry about the day to come, or the stuff that has already transpired that I can really do nothing about. The time in your car is meant to be focused on the road, on getting safely to and from where you are going to, with grace and ease. Whether you walk, cycle, use public transport or have your own car, this time spent traveling is a way to create energy for the rest of your life. GRATITUDE in the moment is a highly spiritual concept whereby you give active thanks for all that exists in your life right now, not waiting for it to be different or better before you say thank you, but in THIS very moment. Daily gratitude can truly transform your life.

Goal Achievement – Here’s Hoping For Helen!

Whenever the Olympics come around, it’s a chance to focus on the individuals involved. Some have been at many Olympics, some had not even tried their sport at the previous one, and that’s the case with the subject of today’s article…

How to Stop Procrastinating – Superstitions About The MindScan Pro Exposed

Almost everyone is in a constant battle trying to find ways on how to stop procrastinating in order to change the way they deal with their lives the way they are supposed to. Procrastinating is so common to everyone these days but if you want to be successful in life then you need to stop procrastinating, and it can be easier than you thought.

Goal Achievement – Would You Start The 100 Metres Standing Up?

I’ve never needed much of a prompt to write about sport, so the London 2012 Olympics has really got my writing juices flowing! In this article I want to go right back to the beginning of the modern games, and a goal achievement tip as valid today as it was back then…

Give Yourself Permission

We are all busy, and there are so many demands for our time! We have to be here, take the kids there, go see parents, family, and friends.

5 Emotional Keys to Breakthrough Your Performance

Emotions are like energy that fuels our behavior, speech and actions. You know how you performed when you felt positive emotions like confidence, motivated, and excited. You must have also delivered less than ideal performance when you felt negative emotions such as anger, sadness and fear. Conventionally, most of us are taught to suppress our emotions so that we can be logical and rationale in our decisions, speech and actions. While you may have used that to survive unpleasant situations, that doesn’t strengthen your emotional muscles and maturity for better performance. So how do we manage, master and even leverage on our emotions to breakthrough your performance and achieve greater results. Let’s take a look at the 5 Emotional Keys to Breakthrough Your Performance.

Goal Achievement – The Vicious Pounding Of Victoria Pendleton!

Long time readers will know I love getting into the backgrounds of athletes, because they show so many different aspects of goal achievement. In Victoria’s case I want to focus on hard work and setbacks…

Overcome Inertia – How Do You Get Started on Your Success Journey?

Have the courage to uncover what is really important to you, really introspect and discover what success really means to you and you will have unlocked the most powerful driver for your success. When the actions you take every day are aligned with your inner needs and highest values, nothing will be able to stop you. Every challenge will be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow. You will no longer need any external motivation, to take the daily actions you need to take to succeed. You will be inspired from within.

Are The Numbers In Your Life Adding UP?

Success is after all only a numbers game. If you want to succeed you must know what the numbers are that you want to achieve. You must break these back into reasonable, achievable chunks, against which you regularly measure your daily, weekly and monthly performance. This allows you to make measurable progress in a reasonable time and if your actions are not aligned with the desired outcome. It allows you to re-examine your activities, your philosophy or your attitude and to change them until you do begin to achieve the desired outcomes.

Want to Get Motivated to Keep Going? Review All The Milestones You’ve Already Passed

Not all of us are able to stay at 110% in full military power all the time in everything we do. For those that cannot muster the strength to stay motivated, after they’ve been knocked down by a ton of bricks, and believe me I’ve been there, there is something you can do. You can review all the milestones that you’ve already passed. You can consider all the adversity you have overcome. You can remember all that you’ve been through to get where you are today.

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