Motivation Starts From Home

Sweet home is the first place that inspires you to do your best in life. Motivation lies in every single element of the house. It’s not only your parents but pets play an equally crucial role in motivating a child.

Against The Wind

Do you want instant gratification, or do you want reward after the challenge? I don’t believe there is a right or wrong; it was just the sweet experience that day for me from the decision to battle first and then get the reward. You see, if I had done the easy part first, well, I could have been rewarded with the wind lowering its force and smoothing out and have experienced a more gentle return trip – but we never know what’s around the corner in life – by the same token it could all have gotten worse.

How To Change Your Life In Ten Easy Steps

How to change your life in ten easy steps is easy to say but not quite so easy to achieve. However, if you have the self-discipline and truly want to succeed, it can be done – here are some words of encouragement from Emmanuel James “Jim” Rohn, “For things to change for you – you have to change” – which just about says all there is to say. In other words – if you want it, it is yours.

Day Dreaming?

“One man’s daydreaming is another man’s day.” Grey Livingston. Have you ever found yourself way up river without a paddle and not know how you got there? How can it be that we can go on auto-pilot only to wake up and find ourselves in an unexpected place; not necessarily a good spot either.

Dream – A Source of Motivation

If you dream, you motivate self to achieve it. As you start to visualize something in an abstract form, determination and focus helps to give a concrete shape. It is a road ahead to obtain the goals with whole-hearted efforts and perseverance.

Mastery Of The Inner Critic

I feel so disheartened by the lack of awareness around the ‘inner critic’ dialogue. There are many books on the market which will teach you how to manage your inner critic and or co-ordinate yourself around the inner critic but there are NO books that I know of that teach you how to SILENCE and subsequently MASTER your inner critic, until now.

Another Way to Look at the Making of Money

Today, life is far more different from before. The economy and job vacancy dwindle down to little. Unemployment is now going up, so how does one get to make money.

Motivational Stories: The Story of Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai the Legend that was born and reared from humble beginnings, Wangari Mathaai still accomplished to be the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree and Ph.D. in Eastern Africa in the 70s. She made it exceptional decades later by being the first African woman to win a Nobel Prize. Her abundant environmentalist aspiration pushed her to fight for the greenbelt movement whose main focus was to plant trees as a way of preaching about conserving the environment. She became an initiator of the marking of the World Environment Day on the June day of 1977.

Success Tips for Business Leaders: 7 Principles to Unlock Your Potential for Leadership

You are filled with unlimited possibilities. One of the qualities of great leaders is the ability to recognize and unlock the potential of themselves and others. You have the key to unlock the potential of many. It’s called desire.

Are You Stuck In Destructive Patterns Or Routines?

Most people go through life in auto-pilot. In other words most of their actions, behavior and decisions tend to be automatic based on previous behavior, entrenched mindsets, ingrained habits, early conditioning and reactions to previous circumstances therefore – experiences.

Live The Life Of Your Dreams: 7 Surefire Steps That Can Make You Live The Life Of Your Dreams

There are seven steps that you can use to live your dreams for the rest of your life. Every successful individual put to use this steps or some variation of it to achieve their dreams than the ordinary person and so you can. When you use this formula, you set yourself apart to live the life of your dreams.

Where’s the Pressure Coming From?

Taking control of our lives is, in essence, taking responsibility for the pressures we feel. Only we are able to control our thoughts, and therefore our feelings, and therefore our actions.

Developing Self Discipline – Tips To A Better, More Rewarding Life

Developing self-discipline is something many of us struggle with. Breaking bad habits from the past, and replacing them with new, healthy habits for the future can be a constant battle. Read on to discover some simple self discipline tips that will improve your life.

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