Get a New Look

Sometimes when we’ve been working really hard we need to take a break, and get a new look. When you feel that you can’t pull another idea, another word, another creative thing from the deep dark recesses of your mind, get a new look.

Being Optimistic in All Aspects of Life

We are all significant individuals who came from a certain background. The hand we have been dealt in life has played a large roll on our personality and attitude towards life.

On The Finish Line

Knowing what to do in time of adversity is the first step towards victory in life’s battles. The Bible informs us that it’s not the beginning of something that really matters but how it ends. In essence, the conclusion should be drawn on the finish line. Many people start well yet can’t finish well. Such experience and examples are around us every day. Life is a journey and every Christian and non-Christian takes this journey. The final earthly destination is death (the grave).

The Heart of Inner Grace

No matter what happens against us, and there are some things we feel we cannot bear, inner grace, which we can never understand, helps us just enough to get through. Grace is sufficient for us (2 Corinthians 12:9). This is something not easily explained; better experienced. It’s available for all people.

Make Use Of Your Time, Be Productive

Are you making use of your time? Do you wake up each day knowing that every second counts? Are you determined to do something important every single day? If you find yourself answering no to these questions, then, you should start making use of your time by being productive.

Are You Being Productive?

Do you wake up every day feeling a sense of purpose? Do you have a plan on how to spend your day wisely? Do you have the motivation to get up from your bed and start your day? The bottom line is, will you be productive today? Being productive is being able to accomplish the goals you’ve set, no matter how little or big they may be. It gives you the determination and strength to pursue your aspirations despite the obstacles you may have to face. If you are torn whether you are being productive or not, here are a few guidelines which will help you come to realization.

Igniting The Fire Of Productivity

Are you at a loss trying to find your purpose? Do you wake up feeling empty knowing that this day will just be as ordinary as the past days? Do you find yourself biting your tongue and tugging at your hair having that sense of impending doom? Then, it is time for you to break through the feeling of worthlessness! Get out there and ignite the fire of being productive!

Mind Mapping, Intuition and Motivation [MIM]

Mind Map is only one of many terms or synonyms used to describe a creative thinking technique developed way back in human evolution. It is true to say the human brain and the way it processes information creatively makes it very natural to work with the concept of Mind Mapping to help clarify thoughts, remember things, create order and help with decision making. However, it is the process of creating the map that will help the most when it comes to remembering a Mind Map.

Stop Loneliness Before It Stops You

In a complicated world that we have today, millions of people experience that gloomy state of loneliness. Loneliness is a miserable feeling where an individual experiences so much worthlessness and isolation in his life. Being alone is different because it’s normally a personal choice to be away from others.

How to Stay Positive When You’re Surrounded by Negativity

If someone were to ask you, you would probably say that you were a pretty happy person. You try to keep a positive frame of mind and stay upbeat. It can be difficult, though, to maintain a positive mindset when you find yourself surrounded by negativity.

How to Stay Upbeat

In the mist of a chaotic situation we are often driven to react with pure emotion. There are certain alternatives that which you could do to maintain a great and positive attitude.

Tips for Helping to Reinvent Yourself – Create a New You

For me, 2012 began at 5am on December 31st as my best friend phoned me from Australia to wish me a Happy New Year. Later in the day, the celebration continued as I participated in a video chat with relatives in London.

8 Ways To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is the verb meaning of delaying/putting off until the last possible moment(s). I have put together a few tricks that I personally use to beat procrastination or at least limit it as much as possible. They are the following:

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