BILLIONAIRE Luxury Lifestyle 💲 [2021 MOTIVATION] #34

This Is The Key To Living Beyond Your Fears And Embracing A World Of Wonder

Fear defines us, whether we like it or not. It establishes a foothold deep within our psyche where it perpetuates as the oppressor of hopes and dreams. Not because it wants to, but because the energy it maintains is one of despair. It is akin to a terrifying dream that never ends, only growing in intensity.

One’s Weakness Is One’s Greatest Strength

Your weakness can be your astounding strength in the right context. In fact, you will not realize your greatest strength until you faced your greatest weakness.

Change Occurs Through Your Efforts

Transformation happens to a person when you exert effort every single day. That’s how transformation begins.

How to Get Back on Track After an Unproductive Day

Everybody has an unproductive day now and again. There are days when you’re so super focused, determined and driven that your to-do list shrinks back a little every time it sees you eyeing it. You can leave work feeling satisfied that you have gone above and beyond, and accomplished everything there is to be accomplished. And then, sometimes, there are days when you find yourself totally unable to get anything at all done. It’s 3 o’clock, your to-do list has doubled in length, your boss’ patience is wearing thin and you’re going to miss your next deadline if you don’t turn things around. Here’s how to get back on track, rescue the day and boost productivity.

How To Leave Your Job To Realize Your Dreams

Chances are the idea of leaving your job to realize your dreams terrifies you. It is a normal and expected feeling, even a good one. As you do make the jump though, be proud of yourself for making a choice to escape the ordinary. Most people never make it past the thought. But what now?

How To Get Rid Of Worries

The best way to keep worry away from you is to keep yourself engaged in various activities. Busy people have no time to worry about anything. Keep yourself engaged and be happy. In fact most busy people in the world are also happiest.

How To Enhance Self Confidence

We underestimate the power of confidence. It’s true that we feel confidence in only those activities in which we are good and feel comfortable. However, the reality is that just by feeling confidence we are able to perform better in any activity as a high level of confidence improves our performance.

How To Overcome Being Unmotivated And Uninspired

Being unmotivated and uninspired is, unfortunately, a very easy pattern to fall into and can also be a harmful way of living. You begin to lie to yourself, make plans but never follow through. You make resolutions but then repeat the same habits. So how do you overcome this and get motivated?

The Paradox of Positive Thinking

The “positive thinking” movement has a dark side. This paradox is causing more stress and unhappiness in today’s modern world.

5 Stupid Excuses for Giving Up

There are only stupid excuses for giving up on the project of building confidence. I hereby line up five of these excuses and debunk them one at a time.

Importance of Taking Risk in Life

To achieve big success in the world, we must become comfortable with taking risk. Is life devoid of risk? Surely not! Our lives are full of risks of all shapes and sizes. When we go on road we risk getting hit by a vehicle; when we take an examination we risk failing; and when we start a business we risk losing the capital. In fact life is full of risks. Should we completely stop taking any risk? It’s like asking should we stop living. Stop giving too much thought to risks.

How To Stop Delaying, Taking Action

Many people have the habit of delaying things indefinitely. They make plans and then lack the willpower to start working on them immediately. They think that they have indefinite amount of time on their hands. Soon, things change for the worse and they realize they are left with no option but to drop the plan. Most of us don’t start working on a plan not because the time is not right but because we lack the willpower.

How to Manage Jealousy

If we are jealous towards someone then it shows our insecurity. No one is perfect and it’s perfectly natural to feel jealousy towards people who seem to be better than you. However, remember it’s your life and you are as unique as anyone else. Become original and don’t try to copy anyone. Be yourself. We all are meant to follow our own certain paths and if we keep copying others it will not help us at all. It’s better that we stick to our lives without feeling resentment or jealousy towards anyone. It will only hurt ourselves by spoiling our mood. The subject of our jealousy will not feel bad at all.

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