BILLIONAIRE Luxury Lifestyle 💲 [2021 MOTIVATION] #49

Are You Ready to Stop Spinning Your Wheels in 2013?

How has 2012 worked out for you? Are you happy with the progress you have made this year? Or do you feel like another year has flown by, where you feel like you have just spun your wheels all year and you are in the same place or you even worse, you feel like you have gone backwards.

Why You Get More Done As Deadlines Approach

For anybody looking to get more done one surefire way, in most cases, is when you are confronted with a deadline to meet! Although this is NOT a ‘strategy’ I would recommend it has proven to be effective at increasing work efficiency due to the sense of urgency such situations present! Read further to discover 3 logical explanations as to why people can accomplish more when under pressure to do so!

2 Key Pillars in Becoming a Great Guitarist

Are you struggling in getting better at guitar? Just 2 simple and easy to understand secrets to give you the boost you were looking for in almost anything in life.

What Do You Really Want?

This week I had the pleasure of traveling to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to visit the local Association of Realtors. The mission for me was clear in that I was to deliver some guidance on two very specific topics: Marketing and Time Management. It’s sort of like being asked to feed them some chocolate and then follow it up with a spoon full of fresh cod liver oil.

3 Qualities For Massive Success

Do you want to know why you are stuck in life while many are achieving massive success? Well this article will lead you to 3 qualities that you must develop immediately in yourself for massive success.

Do You Make the Right Choice?

Everyday we are faced with decisions that have to be made. Many of these are minor, for example, shall I have tea or coffee. However, a number of decisions are absolutely critical to to our success. The choices we make are therefore extremely important when making these decisions.

Debunking the Debunkers

In a recent article published on a celebrity gossip website, a British study on the psychic ability of two “top psychics” reportedly found no unusual psychic ability evident in either of the test subjects. The study, conducted by Goldsmith’s University in London, asked the psychics to “identify characteristics of five randomly selected people who sat behind a screen.”

Your Fast Car – Your Future

Wherever you are on the road to sharing your message, self-knowledge is a powerful thing. From this place you can choose to make your present into an active principle – or not.

Defining Your Life

Most people haven’t taken the time to define what they want in matters of life, love, finances, or their career. Life happens, events unfold, and we simply accept them and assess them as something we like, dislike, or perhaps simply accept.

How To Stay On-Track: Real-Time Accountability

99%+ of people struggle with motivation and staying on-track with their goals. Want the solution? Try real-time accountability.

5 Crucial Zig Ziglar Quotes Business Owners Should Memorize

Zig Ziglar passed away November 28th, 2012. Here’s his legacy summed up in 5 quotes.

Own Your NOW?

The actions you are taking or have failed to take, the emotions you have felt or are feeling and the attitude you have projected or will project to the world, in this moment, are directing the meaning and fulfilment you feel, moulding how you future will unfold and dictating the level of happiness you are experiencing or will experience. Do you not think that something this important should be invested as wisely as possible? How are you spending or investing your every NOW?

Are You the Roadblock to Creating a Better Life?

What do you want out of life? We are often caught in the circle of life that too often we settle for the good life instead of the better life that we’ve always dreamt of having.

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