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The Free World: Is Anything Free In This World?

It is very natural and common for people to want to get things for free and live without any caution or discipline of law. People want freedom to do anything they like, and go anywhere they like. They hate to be told what to do and how to do things and this kind of attitude have led many to failure and sometimes to early grave.

4 Ways To Simplify Your Life Right Now

In a period of information overload, there’s never been a better time to simplify life. The raging struggle of modern existence can lead to inner turmoil if we’re unaware. The key to living an inspired life is to simplify it.

5 Reasons Why You’ve Lost Your Motivation

We all lose our focus from time to time, even on important things. Motivation is the same way.

Dream the Dream, Even If the Actors Change

This is about following your dream, no matter how small, no matter how long, no matter how hard. It’s about making your life count for something you believe in. It is about not being afraid to take a leap of faith and do something magical with yourself, even if no one else sees it.

Social Intelligence and Detecting Deception!

Human beings are ‘social animals’ less by choice and more by necessity. Yes! If we go back to the early days of our civilization, the evolution had brought us to a juncture where we had to concede to the fact that we were neither the fastest nor the strongest animal around and thus had to be smartest.

My Hands Make Light Work

Everybody has a plan for you! Your friend, family, neighbors, and the authorities want you to follow their expectations. We are bombarded with advertising that is trying to direct us in a certain direction. The entertainment industry is doing the same in living color, and a lot of emotions. Not to mention politicians. They use their power to make laws to force us into their idea of society.

Wake Up Call for The Grumpy

This article is for those who wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Why it happens to the best of us and how we can avoid such bad morning.

How To Overcome Feeling Stuck In Life

You’ve tried everything to improve your life, but nothing changes. Frustration develops and you’re disappointed because you’re unable to resolve the situation. Allow me to put your mind at ease over the coming paragraphs. Here’s the good news. Remaining stuck is only a perception and does not represent your actual reality. Now the not-so-good news. Feeling stuck is a sign something needs to change in your life. You might have an intuitive impulse to make those changes, but resist doing so for fear of change.

18 Life Principles For Greater Living

We all have a set of principles we abide by. Ask any person about their values and beliefs and they’ll respond according to what’s important to them. I’ve noticed a central theme in my advice since first writing about: personal development, motivation and success. For the uninitiated, it can be summarised in the following eighteen points. They are in no particular order and I urge you to identify with those you resonate with and incorporate them into your life.

Stop Trying To Avoid Failure

It’s as if the act of failure, has become synonymous with being a failure. And this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Career Advice: Improve Your Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill for building your career. As you interact with your clients and colleagues, the way you communicate speaks volumes about your professionalism, and it allows you to forge powerful connections that will take your career to the next level. It is important to remember, however, that good communication involves more than just the ability to speak eloquently. Keep these strategies in mind as you work on your communication skills, and you will notice improvements in every area of your career.

You Can’t Motivate Anyone!

How can you motivate someone else? You can’t. Someone else’s motivation isn’t up to you and you can’t be motivated by someone else. Find out why.

Who Fills Your Success Plate?

Who fills your success plate? Who decides what you work on and what you ignore? What are you most stressed about? These are determined by your motivation and whether you let external or internal factors drive it.

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