BILLIONAIRE Luxury Lifestyle 💲 [Billionaire Entrepreneur Motivation] #22

A New Year’s Look at My Meditation Failure

I wanted to start this New Year with a solid success of becoming an accomplished and consistent participant at Mindful Meditation. I tried, I really did. But Mindful meditation just didn’t stick with me.

Simple Tips To Get Motivated Now

Too much to do and no motivation to get it done? As a solopreneur, the responsibility to motivate yourself (unfortunately!) falls squarely on your own shoulders. If you were working in an office setting, you have the support of others so it can be easier to stay ‘up’. But on your own, I know it can be tough sometimes. So here are a few simple things that you can do to help motivate yourself right now!

Recovering From Hitting Rock Bottom: How to Start Your Life Over From Scratch

Have you hit rock bottom and feel like you need to start over? No matter what you’re going through, there is always a way to improve your life. Imagine a better career, no substance abuse, and something greater than the material items that you have lost. Here are some steps to help you recover from hitting rock bottom.

Material Versus Memories

MEMORIES V MATERIAL. My thoughts. Quite long, but quite profound.

Nothing Can Replace Doing the Work!

Many, many hours of hard work is like an incubator for all of our creative geniuses. Doing the work helps us look at this world with new and fresh eyes in a way that can only make this world a better place.

The Sword in the Stone: Are You a Squire or a Knight?

There are many men in my life that I have seen succumb to being the squire enslaving themselves to someone else’s cause instead of the vision that they have ingrained in their minds and hearts from the very beginning. The “Giant” or “Kay” in your life can start from people that are closest to you such as wives, sisters, friends, and even co-workers. It can start with a nagging and resentful wife telling her husband that moving to another state for an opportunity as a commission based cars salesman is crazy and too risky to even think of.

5 Ways How To Get Motivated To Get More Done

Want to learn how to get more things done? Feeling no motivation to do what supposed to get done? If these are the problems that you are facing right now, don’t worry as you are about to discover the 5 ways how to get motivated to get more done.

Finding Your Driving Factor – How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Greatness

What do the high achievers have in common? They have something that drives them to their success. Read more to find out how you can harness this for yourself.

I Shall Not Pass This Way Again

I recommend making a giving and caring attitude as an excellent lifestyle. It is really so simple to be nice and it is so difficult and tiring to be hateful and hurtful and carry deep-seeded resentment. After all, you pass this way but once.

How Far Into Life Are You?

Do you every think about that? How much more time do you have on this the (1) earth? How much life is left for me? Michael Jackson’s life ended at the young age of 50. That means at age 25 he was half way thru his life.

The Power of Mindful Action

The Master once asked his disciples which was more important: wisdom or action. The disciples were unanimous: “Action, of course. Of what use is wisdom that does not show itself in action?” Said the Master, “And of what use is action that proceeds from an unenlightened heart?” Tony de Mello’s fable highlights that deliberate action emanates from an awakened mind and pure heart. Mindful action unfolds when we are present in the moment, not elsewhere absorbed in runaway thoughts.

Putting Action Into Your Ideas

1. Be dissatisfied. You can’t remain complacent about your situation.

Rouse and Shine

Ever notice how we sometimes need something dramatic to happen in our lives to get us motivated and moving in the right direction? This may help you get moving in your life, but also in the right direction and for the right reason.

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