BILLIONAIRE Luxury Lifestyle 💲 [Billionaire Entrepreneur Motivation] #60

Focus To Simplify Your Work Load

Focus is an important part of accomplishing more in each day. If you have the self-control to focus, you will use your time much more wisely.

How to Create Your Destiny: 6 Steps From Dream to Reality

God gave you the ability to imagine and believe. Imagination is the beginning of the life you want. There is, however, a progression – a series of steps – that control your outcome.

Successful Leadership – How to Motivate People

If you are a leader of people, the first step to figuring out how to motivate them is to get to know them. What are their likes and dislikes? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is important to them?

13 Reasons to Love Yourself

Love is an adventure of discovery, whether the object of your love is a person, place, idea, or even your own self. When a woman or man genuinely loves her or his own self, all of us win. Authentic self-love is an essential element of any healthy relationship between two human beings or 2 billion, or between a human and the Earth. Here are 13 reasons that self-love is an awesome part of a healthy love diet.

Five Ways To Create The Right Conditions For Your Dreams To Come True

Dreams never die. They just lay dormant, like a seed scattered in the wilderness, waiting for the right conditions to come along and provide the nutrients and sunshine to wake them up.

Motivation – Developing a Winner’s Mindset

A certain hermit by the name of Manfred once said to me “Son, you can be anything you want to be in this life, you can do anything you want to do, and you can achieve anything you want to achieve, if only you believe.” I had heard these words before, no doubt, but something in the way he said it, the stern voice and sure look in his eye made me wonder does he know something I dont?

Motivational Speaker That Enhances The Overall Growth

Recent studies have found out that independent desire for excellence is the forecaster of one’s momentous achievements. To explain it in simple terms our determinations, hard work and willpowers depends more on us and our motives.

Get Started – Take the First Step

As humans, we can do anything, but we will do nothing until we start. Beginning a new way of life or changing our lives for the better is often difficult. But it is necessary. Take the first step toward being better.

Exercise at Home and Eliminate One Excuse – Time

Getting to the gym for some people can take 30 minutes or more, there is an alternative though. Training at home can be cheaper and less time consuming, which fits in ideally with our busy lifestyles.

Tick Tock!

It’s Late Forgive me in advance as I put this together because it’s getting very late, but the reason it’s late is because this past week was one of those weeks where we stuffed 268 hours of stuff into a 168 hour bag. That’s right, we had 3 birthdays, two job changes and filmed a T.V. episode inside half of our house with no functioning kitchen. Oh wait, I’m not done yet. I still had to run my businesses and the house in general with my wife, sending all 5 kids back to school.

“I’m Not Good Enough” and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

The belief of not being good enough pervades every area of Western society. It silently exists everywhere from the boardroom to the guy in the mail room. It even exists in our families and in our schools. But it is a lie.

How to Trust Yourself

Put simply, if you don’t trust yourself then why should other people trust you? No matter how hard you try to cover it up, your lack of trust in yourself will show through and will affect how others trust you. Here are some tips to help you trust yourself more often.

Are You a Champion?

Every person has their great days. A person who wins on his/her great day is not a champion. That day is the Creator’s reminder to you, showing you, what you are capable of.

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