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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Yet A Millionaire And What To Do To Change That Fast

There are positive steps to achieving anything else you want in life just as there are steps to creating the kind of income you desire. There are so many ways you can make money.

Why You Should Commit Your Habit Plan To Paper

It has been suggested that until you write down your desires and goals, you stand less chance of achieving them. So the act of writing things down could be found to be a very important step when it comes to achieving things in life. Indeed the idea of writing plans is something that has been around for a numerous number of years; the writing of plans could be said to be a proven and trusted method of achieving many objectives in many areas of life. So what are the benefits of writing down your habit plan? And what is a habit plan?

Will You Unleash The Power In You?

You have kept on going day by day even when it felt like there wasn’t any more direction. It felt like there was no passion, no clearer path. Sometimes you felt overwhelmed to the point of breaking down.

Getting Over Procrastination

Why procrastination is holding you back and what you can do about it. Life is full of distractions, don’t let procrastination hold you back anymore. Start living the life that you were meant to live, a life full of focus. Gain your focus today and put procrastination in your past.

Motivation: How to Get It and Keep It

Motivation is a necessary ingredient when attempting to obtain one’s goals. There are 4 key components to staying motivated, which are outlined in this article.

Cleared for Takeoff

An airplane flies high, flies fast and flies with highly predictable and successful results. How can we use the example of an airplane to fly higher, faster and more successfully in our own lives? This article illustrates how we must choose carefully the associations and friendships that influence our lives.

Social Dynamics: A Tool To Success

There is a thin line between success and failure; it is possible to fall from success into failure. This thin line is easy to cross over without realising it. Becoming successful is not always the difficult part, but remaining a success is where the difficulty lies.

A Bruised Chin – So What, Stay and Fight

This article is about you picking yourself up off the ground when life knocks you down. We all have a choice to play in the game of life or be a bystander. Reading this article my hope is that you choose to play the game of life until you WIN.

Worry of Not Living Long Enough

Life is short! This is one of the most profound realities we need to face in our momentary stay in this world. Whether we believe it or not; accept or deny it; face or ignore it; still experiences and history say that life in this side of eternity is indeed temporary. Have you ever tried to look closely on the life span of those who died in the cemetery? Are they all the same? Do you wonder why? Do you sometimes worry why life is like this? Isn’t it rather good if life has its definite expiration date? Let’s say after 100 or 120 years then it will be over. How we wish it is just as simple as that; but it’s not.

Don’t Get It Twisted!

The key to being successful is the accomplishment of your aim or purpose through hard work and a mindset transformation. Most people want to be successful or have some level of success but they have no supporting actions.

The Courage to Live

It takes courage to live. Everybody can exist but to really live is a matter of courage. It takes some special kind of strength to be just plain good; something all of us essentially strive for.

How To Have Great Self-Care

Believe it or not, you are your most valuable asset. And the only asset that will be with you for the entire length of your life. No one else, no friend, family member or loved one can promise that. Just you.

7 Methods to Achieve Balance and Self-Control

Cultivating self-control and gaining a sense of balance and control over your life is a journey and an ongoing process that requires time and effort, self-analysis, and gradual growth. Here are some of the methods and the realizations which have helped me in achieving increasing levels of self-control and overall balance in my life.

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