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Understanding and Conquering Your Fear

Lately, you have had sleepless nights for many days. You are often perturbed by your thought of something unusual and undesirable might happen. And this awful feeling has been going on for quite so long.

How To Find Courage To Transition Into a Career You Love

Courage is very crucial when we’re desiring to transition into a new page in our life whether it was a new career path, marriage, having kids and so on. It forces us to leave our attachments behind, to get in touch with an unfamiliar place called ” the unknown” along with practicing trust, faith and being comfortable with uncertainty. Going through this process could be pretty scary and unstable.

Why You Should Start Thinking and Saying Positive Things

We all know that thinking positive in life is a great way to become successful but there is a lot more to it than just thinking positive. Not only do you need to think positive but you also need to start saying positive things. Stop saying anything that might be negative and start thinking and saying only positive things.

Stirred, Shaken, Tested – Yet Strengthened

The only way we can prove we have any strength of character is when we are tested. No one ever enjoys being tested, not if they’re being both honest and humble, but there is a pleasant irony in being tested. There is a crown to be earned in being tested where we are found worthy of the test. During such times we require composure; the courage to sustain an even-keel attitude, with the situational wisdom to show restraint against an emotional response.

The Gospel of Struggling Well

THERE ARE TIMES when we may get the distinct impression that struggling isn’t the way for the person of God; that we are somehow blessed so abundantly that struggling isn’t appropriate for us any longer. Somehow we lose our grip on the fact that the gospels, the prophets, Job, the psalmists, and the apostle Paul often spoke in terms of suffering. It doesn’t sit comfortably with us, to struggle. And perhaps that is because we do not connect struggling with how to struggle.

Finding Motivation In Life

Motivation: The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Having motivation is key when venturing into online business. Without motivation there is nothing and no one to push you to do the things you need done.

How to Reduce Stress Within Your Life

When you find yourself stressed out in life then you might also find yourself having many health problems and other things might go wrong in your life because of it. Don’t let stress slow you down in life. Instead, learn how to reduce stress in your life.

Working The Middle

I often get the question, “How did you survive your time in prison? How did you deal with the six plus years of wanting to get back home?” What I discovered was one of the most important lessons for my life during that time. When I began to study the lives of peak performers, I discovered their success in whatever endeavor, was won or lost by what they decided to do in the MIDDLE – when nothing was happening but they were working their butts off!

What Did You Do With Your Time?

The clock is ticking, each moment of your time is precious. Every second of your time is valuable. If you had to record each moment of your day, how would you judge each moment. It could be said that you are the judge of your life, how would you evaluate the day which just ended. Was it a valuable day, if you looked back on your life, what would you say was your biggest achievement during the day. Did you feel that you achieved the things you set out to achieve at the beginning of the day?

Who Are You – Really

Who are you? And I’m not referring to your name, address or any other specific descriptors you might use like; position, race, religion, age, gender etc. What I’m asking is who are you when you peel away all of the facades, fears, desires, history, goals or status. I mean really – who are you? And not just your beliefs, values, opinions or expectations. I’m sure you are wondering by now – what’s left if you don’t include any or all of the above.

Emotions – Are They Working For Or Against You?

It’s an age old question – do your emotions drive your behavior or does your behavior follow your emotions? Ever thought about it? Rather than try and answer this question I am going to give you some ideas to consider and then you can make the decision for yourself.

No Nonsense Attitude Change

Most people know that their attitude affects their altitude as Zig Ziglar used to say. The problem is few do anything to change their thinking. In this short article, I will show you how you can change your life by changing your attitude.

Change Beliefs by Creating an Alternative Story

This entire pattern has a name: Story Making. The story we create may be true, or it is just as likely to be false. Regardless, we are captivated by our own story and act accordingly… for better or worse. Then we wonder why relationships and circumstances can go so far awry.

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