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What to Do to Help Yourself When You’re Down and You Have Nowhere Else to Go

Letting people know that there is no end to what is going on with them. Whether they lost their job or is disabled. There is still hope around the corner where people can keep themselves busy to the fullest extent of still being able to make some money for themselves and/or family.

Five Ways to Self Motivate Today

Having days of lower motivation is normal and natural. Here are five things one can do to regain that motivate today.

Changing Your Mindset For Success: 4 Motivation Tips to Help Create Your Personal Development Plan

Here is a method that is helping ordinary people find happiness in their life. Through these 4 motivation tips, you will learn that by changing your mindset for success, you can create your own personal development plan; the end result will be personal happiness and financial stability.

Making It Possible

Many of us get distracted with our ‘responsibilities’ and ‘obligations’, and we end up not taking action towards our goals. But sometimes willpower and small steps are all that we need to get back on track. This is Heerraa’s experience on facing such a situation.

I Strive to Understand My Emotions

Emotions are the most experienced but the least understood. In fact understanding Emotions is in fact akin to not being aware. Becoming aware of one’s emotions opens a new world of self awareness which gives a more objective perception of the world outside. The adage ‘As our mind so is our vision’ encapsulates this truth.

Have You Hit the Wall?

The circumstances and conditions leading up to feeling burned out, or overwhelmed and stressed, are different for everyone. But the similarities are striking with respect to feeling depleted of energy, unmotivated (“what’s the point of it all?”), and in a fog of self-doubt and insecurity regarding on-the-job performance and competence.

Procrastinators, If Not Now, When?

There’s no single type of procrastinator and no single explanation for why procrastinators do their thing, or, rather, don’t do the things they should be doing. What I see in my coaching practice are three types of procrastinators: – Chronic procrastinators, who have difficulty starting and finishing most tasks. – Situational procrastinators, who avoid certain kinds of tasks. – Rebellious procrastinators, who dodge or evade imposed tasks. Regardless of type, procrastinators usually feel bad, stressed and guilty about their habit of not getting things done in a timely manner or not getting things done at all. Read this article if you are looking for great tips to get started!

Take the Risk and Pursue Your Dreams

Do not bottle up your secret desires, especially if they are enduring, because in the end they can consume you. Most of the time in life, the fear of the unknown becomes our greatest roadblock to achieving true success.

5 Simple Steps to Endless Motivation and Power

When you think of motivation, what thoughts cross your mind? Maybe a marathon athlete determined to make it to the finish line. What about a college kid barreling through their final exams before graduation? The exact definition of motivation may vary from person to person. No matter what your personal interpretation of motivation is, its piece in the puzzle of success is vital. Motivation is the strengthening force behind life change. It is the magic that happens when you know exactly what you want and possess the burning desire to do what is necessary to get it- the substance that keeps your dreams on track. With motivation, you possess the potential to continuously touch you dreams. Without motivation, where would our power be to outlast the tough times?

Rejection Is Your Path To Silver Spoon

You are ready to say goodbye to the fear of rejections and pain. Now it is all about facing the life and braving all the odds with competency and skills.

Your Philosophy of Life Is Evident in Your Actions

How many people do you know, who actually sat down to think about their life, and the purpose they want their life to reflect? We talk a lot about goals and dreams, and that is awesome. The drive, the desire to take action comes from our goals and dreams. We need a road map for our journey. We need check points that keep us on target, because life sometimes gets in the way of living. Things happen, challenges need to be mastered.

If I Could Live My Life Again What Would I Change?

If I could make new choices and have my life over again what would I choose differently? Well I have three great youngsters, now adult with families of their own, that part I wouldn’t change.

The Price of Value

We have talked about value in times past, but what is value when we talk of it? When we say to add value to whatever it is that you do, what is value?

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