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See How Easily You Can Increase Your Team’s Attention To Detail

A discussion of accountability on teams, using eccentric superstar demands as the backdrop of the conversation. Check out this post to see how we can increase our team’s attention to detail.

5 Ways to Cope With Messing Up at Work

We all mess up at some point, it’s part of being human but your mess up does not need to define you. This article explores a real life example of a work mess-up and how it was dealt with along with offering some tips on how to cope when you mess up at work.

The Mirror Effect – Symptoms – You Don’t Like What You See, So Change It

Do you take care of yourself? Do you look and feel the way you deserve? Did you care about this before, but you have changed? What’s made you change?

Social Entrepreneurship in Context of the World Economic Forum

We want to make sense of this world and shape the global agenda, taking into consideration the fragilities of global development and global systems. This is the unique contribution we make each year – to analyse the state of the world, the challenges, risks and opportunities. We sort out our priorities and come out with solutions to our problems. This statement very succinctly sums up my main motivation to empower all of us as Social Entrepreneurs.

Motivation Advice – Are Your Habits Causing You To Fail?

Habits can cause failure or success. In order to change your present situation you need to change your habits. This article shows you how to change your habits.

Motivation Advice – 3 Tips For Instant Inspiration

When your motivation is low there is a way to lift it. Get inspired. Use the 3 tips in this article to gain instant inspiration when you need it.

How Triathletes Can Avoid a Fast Start

Too frequently triathletes are told by their coaches to ignore what is going on around them. The coaches who tell you to just not do it are unaware of the power of habit. Following the crowd, going out too fast because of the other athletes around you, is a symptom of a habit. Under pressure, you are going to return to your old familiar habits. This is why competing successfully in triathlons is a mental game.

5 Ways to Get Quick Motivation

Motivation is not as much a mystery as you think. You can get it when you need it. This article gives you ways to get quick motivation.

Turns Out Problems Are The Point

Human beings break down into two groups: The ‘I-Don’t-Wannas,’ and the ‘Perennial Students.’ Which are you?

What Do You Do When You Lack Motivation?

Where do you get some motivation when you are lacking? How do you get through that sticking point and get some motivation going again? Find out here!

How to Become a Person Who Takes Action

Are you someone who spends more time thinking than doing? You’re not the only one. There are a lot of people who are more thought-oriented than action-oriented. This is not a personality trait that is set in stone. With some work, you can become a person who takes action instead of one who sits on the sidelines. When you find the methods that work best for you, stick with them.

Motivation Keys – 7 Powerful Words That Keep You Motivated

Are you failing in your struggle to maintain motivation. There are seven words that help you do what it takes to keep your motivation levels high.

Motivation Keys – 3 Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation is easier to maintain when you keep your mind focused on inspirational thoughts. This article shows you ways to stay motivated.

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