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Life Gives You the Experiences You Need, Not the Ones You Want

Move past any preconceived notions you had about life and marriage. Let your past motivate you, not weigh you down.

Judgments Are Nothing More Than Projection

Self-conception is just the way you view, feel or what you believe about yourself. Much of your self-perception originated early in life from your parents, caregivers, schools, churches etc. Whether you like yourself or don’t for some deep seated reasons that may be hidden deep within your psyche doesn’t matter as all of your reactions to people, circumstances and situations will almost always be driven by your inner fears, suppressed emotions, psychological wounds and your interpretation of your experiences.

What Is Your Main Motivation?

Although there is much general agreement that one’s degree and level of motivation is a primary and essential factor in determining potential and success, few individuals seem able to clearly identify what most impacts and motivates them to take action and care passionately about any issue, goal, or concept. The most often mentioned motivating factors include: money; success; one’s ethical or moral behaviors, codes, and perceptions; one’s overall life plan; and whether something provides value to others while preserving one’s individual true values. It often seems that we focus our attention on the rhetorical aspect of motivation, while we avoid…

Mentors, Coaches and Heroes

As we head into a new year I would like to ask you a question – are you using the guidance, experience and wisdom of other people and resources that can aid your journey through life? Scripture in Proverbs mentions dozens of times the need for the guidance and wisdom from others to achieve success, happiness and a lifestyle that is grounded in reality, confidence and integrity.

Why Is It So Hard to Commit to Tasks That We Know Will Be Good for Us?

It’ very easy to set a new goal. In fact, every year, at midnight on New Year’s Eve millions of people around the world decide on New Year’s resolutions that they have every intention of keeping, but alas rarely adhered to, or even attempt, by the end of January. One would assume that if you set a resolution, it’s because you’re fed up with certain aspects of your life and you have decided that it’s time to make a change. However, in many cases, at the time of making the resolution, certain essential ingredients are likely to have been missed.

Small Steps Lead to Big Changes Over Time

Every single big goal you have can be broken down into a series of small steps. This is the essence of self improvement: finding the small steps you can take now that will lead to big changes over time. I’ve been practicing self improvement for almost 10 years now.

Courage and Confidence – How Important Are They?

Most of us feel like we have a healthy foundation of confidence and courage, right? But what happens when something shakes that foundation?

Depression Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Depression can become a self-fulfilling prophecies in many ways. It’s a downward spiral. We become really sad and apathetic, so we’re not motivated to do anything.

The Ten Percent Myth

For decades motivational experts and Gurus have been heard saying “We only use 10% of our brain and brain potential on a regular basis.” Well, having studied brain function for over thirty years and reviewing recent articles and statistics by a variety of well respected brain experts this simply is not true and never has been.

The Momentum Factor

Whether you took Physics in high school or not I’m sure you are familiar with the concept – “A body in motion tends to stay in motion… ” We call this momentum – physics a quantity that expresses the motion of a body and its resistance to slowing down. It is equal to the product of the body’s mass and velocity. I like this definition better – the power to increase or develop at an ever-growing pace – as it is the focus of this article.

How To Stay Motivated By Fighting The Lizard Brain

How to fight the lizard brain and stay motivated in your market. What steps do you take to press on when everything around you wants you to give up?

Life’s Seven Vital P’s

This article is not intended to simplify what it takes to achieve success, but to give you a simple and straightforward approach that when consistently implemented can go a very long way to helping you accomplish your dreams, find happiness and inner peace and use your skills and experience for the benefit of others. What are the seven? And yes there are many more traits, attitudes and mindsets that are required but after careful consideration I’ll bet you could list all of them under one of the seven. Purpose, Passion, Preparation, Practice, Persistence, Performance and Patience.

How to Motivate Yourself to Become More Productive

This article will share the tips and ticks that I use to keep my self motivated. Try them and you’ll see how much more of a productive person you can be.

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